Creating space
for you to think

Through one-to-one coaching, training, interactive workshops, strategy sessions and away-days tailored to your business needs, I will provide an independent view. I will ask you the right questions to help you develop the ideas, strategies and plans your business needs to change and grow.

From defining your purpose, to embedding a culture of employee engagement, find out more about how I can make a difference to your business.

A different way of
running your business

Defining the purpose, vision and values of your business is crucial. It underpins everything.

But so often a company’s vision ends up as empty words on a website that doesn’t reflect what the business is really all about.

The good news is that if you take the time to do this well, your people will bring your purpose, vision and values to life. It will show in the way they support each other and help your customers.

“It can be tricky to step out of the day to day and find time to do this work. I can help.”

A different way of
winning work

How do you make sure your business stands out from the crowd in an increasingly competitive marketplace? Spending time ensuring that your marketing and business development strategies are delivering what you need is always going to be time well spent.

Are you communicating in the best way? Are your messages cutting through to reach your potential customers? Are you using your best asset – your people – to tell the story of your business?

“I can help you understand what makes your business stand out and how to use marketing and business development to help you grow.”

A different way of
engagement and wellbeing

To succeed commercially you need to have the right strategies in place for your people.

Employers need to work hard to retain and recruit the best people.

Many businesses pay lip service to the idea of employee engagement. It can be easy for leaders to assume everyone is happy and motivated. But sometimes the reality is not so rosy, and your employees may paint a different picture.

Listening is key – and also being brave enough to act on the ideas that are suggested.

I can help you create a workplace that your people enjoy, where they feel empowered and trusted and that their efforts matter. And if you get that right commercial success is more likely to follow.”

A different way of
growing your business

Growth. These days it is going to be even tougher to achieve. And it is even more important to have the right strategy in place.

To succeed your strategy needs to be a good match with your business. It needs to be realistic and clear. The people who will be tasked with delivering the strategy need to understand it and be motivated to bring it to life.

You will need to make tough decisions and focus on the actions that will really make a difference in the business environment you face today.

“I can guide you through the process of creating a new strategy, or rebooting an existing one.”

A different way of

Businesses can’t afford to stand still. New ideas are crucial to deliver growth.

But deciding on the best ways to innovate can be tough. Should you invest in new technology? Could machine learning or artificial intelligence help to streamline your processes? Could you look outside your sector to learn from other businesses?

“I can help you investigate the options and find the right ways to innovate and make new thinking work for your business.”

Robert is brilliant at spotting shifts in markets and reacting swiftly.


Stephens Scown

Robert has the ability to look for new solutions and see past potential obstacles. He is the kind of person who gets things done.


Ecovis Wingrave Yeats

Robert is one of the most forward thinking leaders I’ve ever met. He really understands how client experience and employee experience drive business success.



Robert knows what he is talking about because he’s done it himself. He knows what works – and is honest enough to share what he’s learnt from things that haven’t worked.


Spratt Endicott

Robert is full of good ideas and sensible advice, but he also has the track record to show that he can deliver results.


Vickery Holman

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